Sunday, January 24, 2010

HOT5 Daily 1/24/2010

1. "Obama Plans To Double Down On Stupid" Stupidity brought on by arrogance.

Representative Sample: Do you think Obama will listen? I’d have to say no. His first inclination is to attack, second is to blame. Third is to whine. Listening? Not part of the repertoire.

2. "The threat of focusing on a culture war and ignoring fiscal issues" Fiscal issues allow alliance with like-minded libertarians, other independents, and even some Democrats. Culture war issues are just a big loser.

Representative Sample: there is a set of conservatives who would rather focus on the same culture wars that tired the country during Bush’s reign. Bush pushed “compassionate conservatism”–faith-based initiatives–with little or no regard for the budget.

3. "Don Quixote’s Thought for the Day: Advocating Progress" Progress doesn't mean destroying or damaging the advances we already have.

Representative Sample: the American free-enterprise health care system has has done more to save lives and improve the quality of lives that any health care system ever. The leftists want to destroy this system and replace it with a government controlled system that will stifle the creativity needed to produce the innovations that save lives and improve the quality of life.

4. "Obama: almost as bad as a Republican" Some of Obama's good points. ACLU upset Obama hasn't undermined national security and given terrorists enough rights.

Representative Sample:The ACLU has just issued a one-year assessment of the Obama administration's actions on civil liberties, called "America Unrestored." As the title indicates, Obama has not been all that good for abolishing Bush-era disgraces.

5. "Using supercomputers to explore nuclear energy" Using a computer algorithim to better understand nuclear fission.

Representative Sample: Argonne's UNIC code provides a powerful new tool for designers of safe, environmentally friendly nuclear reactors -- a key component of our nation's current and future energy needs.

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