Saturday, January 16, 2010

HOT5 Daily 1/16/2010

1. "Extraordinary US military central to Haitian relief efforts" Something the U.S. won't get any credit for from the usual suspects. Details military relief efforts.

Representative Sample: Too many view our military as just a war machine, filled with young men and women they believe to be anxious for the taste of blood. It is instances like this that should shake the very foundations of their perspectives. Were it not for their readiness for battlegrounds… possessing the talent for building communications stations and emergency facilities where there is nothing… any relief effort by the world would merely result in inefficient chaos, despite all good intent.

2. "Brits: The US is failing Haiti ? again" Links to leftist British journalist attacking the U.S. over Haiti and trying to blame Bush. BDS & anti-Americanism often go together.

Representative Sample: if the country is a failed state today, partly run by the UN, in so far as it is run by anybody, then American actions over the years have a lot to do with it.

3. "There Are Only Two Types Of People" Collectivists and individualists.

Representative Sample: I am really starting to believe people are born with their brains already wired for collectivism or individualism. Then you get into the nature versus nurture argument. I think it is possible that an individualist born into a collectivist family will spout the collectivist line for quite some time, but eventually his/her individualism will "come out of the closet". Same for the reverse situation.

4. "Safer" What makes us safer now than in 2007?

Representative Sample:aren't all of these events bad? Do they not all lead to further nuclear instability? Do they not bring us closer to a dreaded nuclear exchange?

5. "The Legal Blog Watch 5-Point Checklist for Bank Robbers" Tips for stupid bank robbers.

Representative Sample: Here are five important points for bank robbers to keep in mind

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