Thursday, January 14, 2010

HOT5 Daily 1/14/2010

1. "An Interview with Christopher Hitchens, Part II" Hitchens is always worth a read.

Representative Sample:The existence of theocratic regimes that have illegally acquired weapons of mass destruction, that are war with their own people, that are exporting their violence to neighboring countries, sending death squads as far away as Argentina to kill other people as well as dissident members of their own nationality--the existence of such regimes is incompatible with us. If there is going to be a confrontation, we should pick the time, not them.

2. "Hubris" The baseless arrogance of the Obama administration.

Representative Sample: Must be one of those “words mean what I say they mean” things again.

3. "Man offers his tongue to gods" The power of faith in action.

Representative Sample: A childless Indian man sliced off his tongue as an offering to the god Shiva in the hope of becoming a father.

4. "Corruptocrats Strike Back!" It's how they operate.

Representative Sample: They want to throw around baseless claims of racial prejudice to muddy the waters, instead of worrying about issues of prejudice on their side of the aisle.

5. "UN Raps Taliban for War’s Massive Civilian Toll" How did this report get past the UN's office of anti-American propaganda?

Representative Sample: The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) released a new report today on civilian casualties in 2009, and the overall picture is grim: Last year was the deadliest yet for civilians, since the end of Taliban rule in 2001. But according to the report, 2009 also saw an overall drop in the number of civilian casualties caused by U.S., International Security Assistance Force and Afghan government forces.

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