Monday, January 4, 2010

HOT5 Daily 1/4/2010

1. "TSA needs a new security model: Persistent Threat Analysis" Some good suggestions for improving security.

Representative Sample in addition to improved observation skills, I’d like to raise for discussion the adoption of what I’ve named “Persistant Threat Analysis”. Here’s how it might work.

2. "Surprise: Tens Of Millions In “Stimulus” Funds Spent In Non-Existing Zip Codes" Our government at work.

Representative Sample: This money was supposed to be narrowly targeted to “put America back to work.” But it seems, at least looking at the woefully inept attempts to even document where this money is being spent, that they may as well have just flown a jet from cost to cost pushing pallets of cash out the back of it.

3. "Revenge Of The Convenience Store Clerks" Good story and an interesting idea.

Representative Sample: store owner Pawan Kalia administers a beatdown on a ”dirtbag wearing a hoodie and flashing a pellet gun.” And carrying a knife. When the punk threatened his wife, he thought about Surendra Dangol, slain last week, and leapt into action

4. "Palestinians To Israel: Instead Of A Peace Summit, How About We "Escalate Our Struggle" Instead?" The so-called "peace process" in action.

Representative Sample: Only Israel's Arab enemies could be so confidently brazen about crowing that they'll attack Israeli civilians and then whine about Israeli retaliation. Of course only Israel's Arab enemies are justified in that brazen confidence, so it's hard to blame them.

5. "Managing decline" Lamenting the sad decline of Britain.

Representative Sample: Once we had a Navy: Pirates seize second UK-flagged vessel in days.

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