Monday, January 18, 2010

HOT5 Daily 1/18/2010

1. "Voting Democrat Causes Cancer" Every bit as accurate as most Democratic propaganda.

Representative Sample: Voting Democrat is associated with over 150,000 cancer deaths every year, according to the Hoven Institute for Studies Just as Valid as Studies Cited by Democrats.

2. "What’s Wrong With God?" The incoherence of theism. 

Representative Sample: The list of God’s proposed attributes is indeed a lengthy one. For discussion purposes the focus will be on Omnipotence, Creatorship, Omniscience, and Eternality

3. "The 2009 Invisible Pink Unicorn Awards" for outstanding achievement in atheism.

Representative Sample: Next up is a special award for Most Disgusting Religious Product of the Year. Without a doubt, it's a Hindu-inspired Cow Urine Soda called "gau jal", or "cow water."

4. "Llamas, airborne" Israeli secret weapon, the llama?

Representative Sample: Last week I spent a day in the Galilee with the chief llama trainer of the Israeli army.

5. "Estimating when the Soviets could produce a nuclear weapon"How accurate were those estimates?

Representative Sample: Leslie Groves -- who knew something about building a bomb -- testified in front of Congress that it would take them twenty years. In 1948 many Kremlinologists were saying "five to ten years,"

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