Tuesday, January 26, 2010

HOT5 Daily 1/26/2010

1. "Obama Proposes New Financial Regulations, Declines to Tell Administration Financial Officials What They Mean" Making it up as they go along.

Representative Sample: Last week, President Obama announced a major new proposal for regulating financial sector activities. The proposal, which is expected to significantly alter the way large financial institutions like Goldman Sachs do business, would... uh... it would... well

2. "Report faults State Department, DynCorp for missing $1 billion" What happened to a billion dollars of tax money? Government has no idea.

Representative Sample:The State Department cannot account for more than $1 billion it paid out to contractor DynCorp to train police during the first years of the Iraq war, in just one example of management shortcomings that have put at risk $2.5 billion worth of money spent on training policemen around the world, according to a damning new report.

3. "The Poisoned Cup of Theodicy" Daylight Atheism consistantly has some of the best examinations of religion/atheism topics. 

Representative Sample:for people in these religious traditions, an entire continent of their inner mental world has to be cordoned off and declared a forbidden zone. Their mental landscape is littered with locked doors, fences of barbed wire, and sternly worded "Keep Out" signs - all delimiting the sphere of dangerous ideas which they're advised never to examine.

4. "Buck-A-Day Biden Has a Plan for the Middle Class"A quick look at some of the proposals.

Representative Sample:The man who has a hard time reaching into his own pocket for more than $1 a day in charity to give to his fellow man, has no problem reaching into your pocket and give the fruit of your labor to someone else. It’s a win-win. It doesn’t cost Joe Biden and it helps him keep getting elected and drawing a salary that you pay for.

5. "Over 100 Russians hospitalized after drinking holy water" Apparently God forgot to take out the harmful impurities.

Representative Sample: While these sorts of studies are fun for giggling at people who hold ludicrous beliefs, they're also useful. People often argue that religion and science occupy different realms of knowledge, and that science cannot test religious claims. That is totally false when religion claims to affect the natural world.

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