Friday, January 29, 2010

HOT5 Daily 1/29/2010

1. "The Disconnected President" Obama & reality.

Representative Sample:It was surreal to watch a politician announce his top priority is job creation, then spend the next hour listing class-warfare enemies. I hope people making less than $250k per year start hiring like crazy, because everyone with a higher income just became a hated enemy of the state. Why, if they work for a large corporation, they shouldn’t even have free speech rights!

2. "TAX FOUNDATION URGES OBAMA TO LOWER CORPORATE TAX RATE" Something that should have been done long ago.

Representative Sample:the president is overlooking the biggest obstacle to job creation: America's high business tax

3. "Debunking The “Gays Are Pedophiles” Fear-Mongers" With video.

Representative Sample: Like clockwork, you can count of major Religious Right leaders to pop up with “gays are pedophiles” in any discussion about LGBT rights. It’s happened routinely in all the various state debates over marriage equality, civil unions, domestic partnerships, etc.

4. "looking for exotic aliens in our solar system" Could there be alien life on Titan?

Representative Sample:Titan, it’s the farthest place humans have ever landed a robotic probe and one of the most intriguing moons in the solar system, resembling a cryogenic version of our own planet when it was still young. Because it has an active cycle of organic compounds, a thick atmosphere, lakes of liquid natural gas and geologic activity, some astrobiologists are wondering if maybe, just maybe, some exotic chemistry could produce alien life

5. "What Not To Name Your Cat" Five names to avoid.

Representative Sample:To assist our hard-working men and women in the blue and whites, I’ve decided to publish this helpful guide to naming your cat. Those of you who’ve already failed, please know that I consider it your duty to rename your pet.

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