Saturday, January 30, 2010

HOT5 Daily 1/30/2010

1. "Strategery Behind Dem Attacks On The Sup Ct" Maybe. Or it could just be the usual demonization of corporations.

Representative Sample: Why the sudden slew of attacks on the Supreme Court, specifically Justices Alito and Roberts, by leading Democrats?

2. "The thing about taxes" Higher taxes are not the answer.

Representative Sample:We need to promote business and wealth creation -- wealth creation means good jobs. If a state has a friendly, low-tax or no-tax business environment, it will prosper, take in more revenue and it will pay out less in expenses for social programs.

3. "Daily Gut: Osama’s Green Plan!" Once again Bin Laden sounds quite similar to a typical left-wing Democrat. 

Representative Sample: what’s entertaining about this latest message isn’t that Osama wants to have sex with goats (we knew that already), but how his environmental message fits so seamlessly with all that relentless blather heard at the Copenhagen climate conference.

4. "Bayonets Hit the Mark" Bayonets may not be used often, but can still be effective.

Representative Sample: Based on an after-​​action report found at this link, the intimidation factor of the bayonet and the surprise such a charge caused among the enemy used to engagements at a distance were pivotal.

5. "Bob, Carol, Ted & Alice, Inc." How polygamous marriage might work in practice.

Representative Sample: Science Fiction conventions are a great area to come up with speculative legal situations and really stretch and apply the current law to new and unusual situations. One of the big questions I came across was a question about plural marriage.

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