Thursday, January 28, 2010

HOT5 Daily 1/28/2010

1. "“Your policies are increasingly unpopular because they are no good”" Hard to explain it any better than that.

Representative Sample: Start by taking your own promises seriously, rather than treating them as short-term fixes for your long-term drop in popularity. Continue by taking the American people seriously, by acknowledging that their differences of opinion with you on economic policy spring from a genuine place. And finish by doing something no president since Bill Clinton has even tried: Scale back ambitions. Pay as you go. Limit the growth of government.

2. "Exclusive Interview: Chief of Obama’s TelePrompter Advance Team"A talk with a critical member of the administration.

Representative Sample: No one else in the world uses a TelePrompter even to have dinner with his wife, ya know? I would think that once Obama leaves office I'll have to go back to working for ACORN or some Democrat Senator again. It's not like I'll be hurting for cash. I'm just doing this because it is a great opportunity to serve in this historic presidency.

3. "Open Secret" Yet another example of why secret operations should actually be kept secret. 

Representative Sample: Putting the Yemeni government in the position of a puppet with strings being pulled in Washington plays into all the fevered stereotypes of the global jihadi movement, especially that the West is engaged in a lethal shadow war against Islam. Leaving our support clandestine would have at least blunted that criticism, if not entirely forestalling it.

4. "How Atheists Can't Win" Debunks common debating tactics used by theists against atheists.

Representative Sample: Like so many rhetorical gambits aimed at atheists, these "damned if you do, damned if you don't" tactics aren't really valid criticisms of atheism. They really only serve to deflect valid questions and criticisms about religion. But they come up often enough that I want to spend a little time pointing them out.

5. "Obama – The Job Killer" Crippling the space program.

Representative Sample:President Obama wants to end this high tech, common good effort. And for what? The entire NASA budget is less than the nation spends on pizza annually. The DoD blasts through the equivalent funding in 3-4 weeks as NASA spends all year (which means this week, since New Years Day, the DoD just spent what NASA will spend the rest of the year).

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