Monday, January 25, 2010

HOT5 Daily 1/25/2010

1. "Terror at the Mall?" One of the better articles I've seen on this topic.

Representative Sample: To combat a swarm of wasps, you don't call up a herd of rhinos. You gather a lot of people with rolled-up newspapers. At this point, our efforts against terror are reactive -- we may well have to endure a mall attack, with casualties possibly reaching the hundreds, before the federal government is forced to rethink its approach. When the time comes, the alternative strategy must be considered.

2. "Most U.S. Union Members Are Working for the Government"Another feature of the ever-growing big government.

Representative Sample: the Dems to continue to use unions as a source of political slush funds while we all pay for it

3. "HAS COIN MADE US LOSE FOCUS?" Let's not make a cult out of counterinsurgency. 

Representative Sample: Effectively countering the insurgency does not require a dedicated COIN army. It requires a conventionally-trained army doing conventional warfare correctly.

4. "Why Atheists Should Care About The Prop 8 Trial" Makes some good points.

Representative Sample: I don’t think I’ve ever met an anti-gay atheist. Human rights are fundamental to humanists, so I’m sure there are many folks out there who do hope that the result of this trial is in favor of marriage equality.

5. "More MiG-29s for Myanmar" Burma is basically a rogue state, and is under international sanctions, but that doesn't stop Russia & China from competing to sell it advanced weapon systems.

Representative Sample: China has close relations with Myanmar, and remains one of its main international supporters, so its presence as Russia’s main arms competitor in Myanmar is hardly surprising. Russia’s MiGs gave it a foothold of its own, and the SPDC regime is also cooperating with Russia to build a nuclear power plant, reportedly a Russian 10-megawatt design

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