Saturday, January 23, 2010

HOT5 Daily 1/23/2010

1. "The top 10 Chinese cyber attacks (that we know of)" Cyber-enemy of the U.S.?

Representative Sample: With all about the chatter about China’s hacking of Google and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s drive to deliver “consequences” to bad actors in cyberspace, it’s worth noting that the problem of cyber attacks either promulgated or supported by the Chinese government is far from new.

2. "Policy Development By Panic" The evidence mounts that Obama has very little idea of what he is doing.

Representative Sample: Obama is vociferously attacking “risk taking,” that very human characteristic at the heart of America’s success. Observing his address, it is evidently something he doesn’t have a good grasp of. It is also very, very obvious that the President does not understand business, or economics, even at their simplest denominations.

3. "A Thought Experiment With Your Religious Friends" I've tried variants of this experiment. The problem is that people are not rational about their religion.

Representative Sample:religion attacks the critical thinking skills of the mind. As Mr. Ray says, it leaves the skill intact for other religions but disables critical thinking about one’s own religion. It really is like a virus of the mind

4. "Only 77% of Investors See Obama as Anti-Business" The other 23% not paying attention.

Representative Sample: Well, he's got three more years to work at it, so I'm sure once 2012 rolls around it'll be closing in on 100%.

5. "Russia Says US Troops Occupy Haiti"As if U.S. actions in Haiti were somehow a bad thing.

Representative Sample: I know you are thinking that no sane person reading these "news" stories would actually believe these allegations, however I want to remind my readers that America is filled with millions of Liberals who have no problems believing that Chavez is not a dictator

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