Saturday, January 2, 2010

HOT5 Daily 1/2/2010

1. "Getting serious" Our anti-terrorist efforts have some serious gaps.

Representative Sample: considering the attacks of the last three months, how infeasible would it be for the enemy, if that word can still be used, to send a suicide bomber to a high school graduation? A prom? To a dinner party of prominent people or to simply launch a Mumbai style attack inside a shopping mall?

2. "Obama’s Response To Attack Is Amazingly Quick"As long as it is a political attack on Obama himself.

Representative Sample: One thing that Obama and his people were quick about responding to were the attacks on Obama. Team Obama responded nearly instantaneously when Dick Cheney came out with his criticisms of Obama. Dick Cheney is not a threat to airline safety, terrorists with underpants bombs are. 

3. "The Left's Permanent War on the War on Terrorism"An excellent analysis of the left's constant, ridiculous attempts to minimize terrorist threats.

Representative Sample: they have settled on a basic, stupid, unserious, unpersuasive, jackass political message: Only little pussy-fairies are afraid of terrorists and terrorism; real tough strong he-men types, like us on the left, laugh at it as a big joke. Don't you want to join the super-tough guys who laugh in the face of mass-murder?

4. "Too little, too late" It's amazing how many people who oppose key Obama policies voted for him anyway.

Representative Sample: the 58% who favor harsh treatment for implacable killers ought to have thought of that way before now. That’s not the change idiots voted for, and now we’re all stuck with it. Maybe if that 58% hadn’t forgotten the lessons of 9/11 (or refused to learn them in the first place), we wouldn’t be in the fix we’re in.

5. "Top Ten web sites of the decade"A pretty solid list.

Representative Sample: I thought it would be fun to list the ten best web sites of the 2000s. The criteria? I use them every day, in most cases. A couple I don't, but recognize those sites' influence.

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