Sunday, January 31, 2010

HOT5 Daily 1/31/2010

1. "Smoke and Mirrors Giving Way To The Rube Awakening" Rubes being those who actually believed Obama's nonsense.

Representative Sample: Why does our President often seem to reason like an antagonist straight out of Atlas Shrugged? Maybe it has something to do with the fact his advisers have less private sector experience than any President… well, ever, apparently.

2. "Some thoughts on the letters of Paul." From an atheist viewpoint.

Representative Sample: there is no reason to think that Paul, when he sat down to write those letters, believed he was writing the infallible, inerrant, word of God. Paul surely did think his doctrines were straight from God, but then so do most believers. But surely Paul thought he was written a letter to some specific people trying to give them advice and guidance. He was merely sending a letter.

3. "Muslim geography" What is Muslim geography? It's sort of like creation science. 

Representative Sample: it’s clear to anyone who isn’t a flat-earther (and that’s not as unpopular in Islam as you might expect) that Mecca can’t be at the centre of the Earth. Balmy as the Saudi summer is, it falls somewhat short of the 7,000°C temperature at the planet’s core.

4. "European exceptionalism"An interesting perspective.

Representative Sample:In all of history, it would be hard to find anything comparable in terms of pacifism, godlessness, equality, leisure for the masses or public provision of services.

5. "Coming clash in the Americas" Given its utterly clueless approach to Honduras, what are the odds that the Obama administration will doing anything to advance U.S. interests in Latin America?

Representative Sample: As it turns out, if events continue on their present course, it might not be too long before many in the region start to see the Bush presidency as a golden era of engagement with the United States.

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