Monday, January 25, 2010

Your Money at Work

Were you aware that you are financing farming in Zambia? You are if you are a U.S. taxpayer. We just loaned 20 million dollars to Zambian farmers.
About 30,000 small-scale farming households, in Zambia, many headed by women, will benefit from a US$20 million loan to the country from the International Fund for Agricultural Development
That's pretty nice of us isn't it? But I guess it's ok, since we aren't in debt, emerging from a major recession, fighting any wars, or currently involved in some sort of massive disaster relief project. We have plenty of spare cash to loan out to anyone who asks for it.


  1. Your blog brightened my day.

    The whole frenzy on micro-financing third world countries seems to be an universal panacea. Zambia's food security threat is real and the rest of the world should be involved in offering solutions. Not because it's humanitarian, or ethical, nor because the Western world owes something to Zambia. But we should, because the threat that HIV/AIDS and ungoverned territories pose to the rest of the world.
    Most likely though, because of the failure to commit to a multi-approach and multi-national solution, these funds are going to be a waste.

  2. Thanks. I just wonder how many people even know about all of these U.S. aid projects. I have nothing against Zambians, and giving money to hard-working farmers isn't as bad as giving it to corrupt governments, but most of these smaller aid projects seem to occur under the radar.