Sunday, January 31, 2010

More on Chinese Arrogance.

Yesterday I wrote a post called "Chinese Arrogance." And today I see an article in the Washington Post called, "China's strident tone raises concerns among Western governments, analysts." The article details the arrogant and outright obnoxious behavior of China toward other countries, and speculates on what it means for the future. 

The communist rulers of China, like most oligarchs & dictators throughout history, respect strength and see appeasement and compromise as weaknesses to be exploited. Some countries by virtue of their size, weakness, or proximity to China may have to tolerate Chinese bullying and intimidation. The U.S. does not and should not. The best way to make this clear to the Chinese is to give them a message in a language they understand. Chinese representatives should be told explicitly that the U.S. does not take orders from China, and that any attempts to sanction U.S. companies will be answered with retaliatory measures. Approve the F16 sale to Taiwan, and quietly let it be known to the Chinese, that their attitude and attempts at intimidation convinced us that the sale should go through. 

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