Saturday, May 29, 2010

Appeals Court Shoots Down Uighurs

There are five Uighurs remaining at Guantanamo bay. Apparently they rejected three offers of resettlement in other countries, and have been suing to be released in the United States. Yesterday an appeals court rightly shot down their ridiculous demands and gave them two options: accept a resettlement offer or stay in jail.
“Petitioners hold the keys to their release from Guantánamo: All they must do is register their consent.” ...  The judges said: “Even if petitioners had good reason to reject the offers they would have no right to be released into the United States.”
You might think this should have been obvious and not required a lengthy court battle. Even more importantly, the court pointed out,
it was within the exclusive power of the political branches to decide which foreign nationals may or may not enter the US.
No foreign nationals have a some sort of right to settle in the U.S. The entire Uighur case is a gigantic waste of time and money. All of them should have been returned to China, preferably as part of a deal that secured some Chinese concessions on issues of importance to the U.S.

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