Monday, May 17, 2010

The Attacks on Miss USA

I checked Memeorandum this morning and saw that the lead story was about the new Miss USA, Rima Fakih, who is a Lebanese-American immigrant and competed as Miss Michigan. Some on the right, such as Michelle Malkin,  responded to her victory by attacking her for her interview comments. Daniel Pipes, whose foreign policy analysis I respect, went so far as to suggest that she is an "affirmative action" winner. How can anyone look at her pictures and think: affirmative action?

The attacks against her by prominent people on the right are petty and uncalled for. They suggest a reflexive dislike of Muslims and Arabs. Here's a story that we should be celebrating as an example of assimilation. This woman comes from a Muslim background, but she isn't demanding special accommodation for her religion. She isn't competing in a niqab, in a separate Muslim-only pageant. She's obviously embraced American culture to the point of parading around in a bikini to win a beauty contest. And that's a good thing.

If Rima Fakih is at all representative of Lebanese women, I think I speak for most guys in saying that we need more Lebanese-Americans.


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  2. I see that you've attracted my troll. Please keep him.

  3. As an Arab American (Lebanese, at that)I want to thank you for standing up for us. I get on some anti-Islamic sites and it seems that it's not really about Islam, but about hating Arabs in general. JW seems to attract a lot of scum like that, which is unfortunate because they have done a lot towards awareness of the dangers of Islam.
    And, yeah, I've got the same f*cking troll on my blog now...

  4. "If Rima Fakih is at all representative of Lebanese women, I think I speak for most guys in saying that we need more Lebanese-Americans."

    Spend a few weeks in Beirut...:-)

  5. Yes she's hot. But sorry, when last week I heard a Muslim American was in the pageant my thought was that the other contestants may as well pack their bags. Political correctness rules this world.

  6. I haven't read the articles because I'm not that interested in Miss USA, but when did Lebanese become synonymous with Muslim?

  7. @Anonymous,
    Since this isn't my blog, I'll keep it clean...So basically, when someone from a certain group you happen to hate makes the "big time", it's only because of leftist social engineering.In other words, only folks from your particular demographic are capable of doing well for themselves. Happy to share this planet with you.