Wednesday, May 5, 2010

HOT5 Daily 5/5/2010

1. "THE “WAR” ON TERROR VS. A POLICE ACTION" A good assessment.

Representative Sample: It is worrisome in both instances that our own government dropped the ball; a failure in airport security measures that failed to stop Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab from attempting his murder, and several red flags that should have made Faisal Shahzad a person of interest to domestic law enforcement. This calls into question the basic competence of this administration and whether President Obama is protecting the homeland adequately.

2. "The Only Thing “Transparent” Are the Lies, Pt.#…Well, I’ve lost count" One of the more laughable claims of the Obama administration - except when it comes to revealing national security information that should be kept secret.

Representative Sample: “Limited Government”? That’s creating a vast new Federal “Consumer” agency. And “Transparency” is giving it access to everyone’s bank records. This new government agency is needed to protect you against false advertising…like the government’s GM ad!

3. "Progressives Use Gulf Oil Spill to Push Stupid, Impractical Ideas" Because when all you have are stupid, impractical ideas, you look for opportunities to push them.

Representative Sample: we can't enjoy a modern, industrial, technology-based lifestyle and have an environment clean enough to perform brain surgery in. I'm not saying we have to trash the environment, but I'm saying at certain times, in certain places, things are going to get a little dirty. Let's do what's practical to minimize it, but completely eliminating it simply isn't doable.

4. "Japanese lawmaker: Obama pushing us toward China" More foreign policy incompetence.

Representative Sample: At issue is a 2006 agreement between the Bush administration and the former Japanese government run by the Liberal Democratic Party. That agreement would have moved the Futenma Air Station, which sits in the middle of a populated area of Okinawa, to a less obtrusive part of the island.

5. "The Future of Terrorism" Things to worry about.

Representative Sample:The future of terrorism is to isolate instances where the state is compelled to act predictably. The best example of this type of terrorism is an approach that involves mass hostage taking in conjunction with the use of barricades.

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