Friday, May 7, 2010

Unintended Consequences of Full-Body Scanners

Hmm, maybe this sort of insecurity is why some people really don't like the idea of full body scanners.
According to police, a Miami International Airport security screener "lost his mind" and attacked a co-worker, after being repeatedly mocked ... The other guy said he had a tiny penis.
If security guards are joking about each other, you know they are going to be having all sorts of fun viewing members of the public. Personally I don't care. If those machines are faster, more effective and eliminate the need for most extensive pat-down searches, they are worth having some guards making fun of you behind your back for whatever physical issue they decide to find humor in.

One other note. I thought it was pretty funny that this guy is so upset about his co-worker making fun of him, but now his picture is all over the internet and everyone knows.

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