Thursday, May 20, 2010

HOT5 Daily 5/20/2010

1. "Intense Battle Shows Limit of ROE"Another example of the extreme measures the U.S. takes to minimize civilian casualties -- something to remember the next time you hear some anti-American ignoramus either here or abroad accuse the U.S. of callously killing "brown people."

Representative Sample: while the full force of American might was just a radio call away from the command center here – artillery, attack helicopters, drones and mortars -- new rules of engagement designed to minimize civilian casualties made it difficult for leaders like Powers and his superiors to support their troops with extra firepower when the bullets were flying.

2. "Talks of Peace -- Threats of War"An interesting roundup of the current Israeli situation and the possibility of war.

Representative Sample: Behind all the optimism that is being expressed in regard to the new Israeli-Palestinian proximity talks, there is great concern of a looming war in the Middle East. While reports have focused on the possibility of a direct confrontation between Israel and Iran, few analysts have considered that the next war might be more limited in scope -- one that could occur, instead, between Israel and Iran's proxies in the region.

3. "Ham-boned Arguments" Long but contains many good points on the church/state issue.

Representative Sample: I think I've demonstrated good evidence for my case - that the founders intended for this to be a nation of no government religion, separation of church and state, and free exercise of religion for those who choose it.

4. "White House: We never told Turkey the fuel-swap deal was enough"Amazing foreign policy incompetence from the Obama administration. Get Turkey & Brazil involved with Iran, raising the chances that Iran will sign some worthless agreement undermining his own ineffective sanctions plan. Then enrage Turkey & Brazil by publicly declaring that their plan isn't good enough, and continue with own useless sanctions. Great job.

Representative Sample: It's true that Obama "encouraged" Turkey and Brazil to hold discussions with Iran, a White House official tells The Cable, but he never indicated that a deal like the one announced this week would be sufficient to alleviate international concerns or stave off sanctions.

5. "NY Times Names BP Oil Spill Obama’s 9/11" A good takedown of Thomas Friedman's latest.

Representative Sample: You have to love it: America was hit with a massive terrorist attack, 2,996 of our friends, neighbors, and loved ones died, and a liberal immediately thinks to……raise taxes! And, of course, no mention of drilling for oil on our own lands.

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