Saturday, May 15, 2010

HOT5 Daily 5/15/2010

1. "The Poet Versus the Prophet"A must-read.

Representative Sample: There are times for interfaith dialogue, for mutual respect and compassion. This isn’t one of them.

2. "IS A NEW AXIS OF EVIL EMERGING?" Let's hope not. From an article in a Turkish newspaper.

Representative Sample: Asked by organizers to come up with a provocative scenario for Turkey’s foreign policy future, Ananicz said the “coalition of the rejected” option had already been voiced by a top military official, Tuncer Kılınç, when he was at the head of the powerful National Security Council.

3. "Standing on Air" A good article about theist attitudes toward morality & atheism.

Representative Sample: you would think that atheists and believers would agree that good behavior should be encouraged. You would think that a religious evangelist would say to an atheist, "I may not understand how you can justify acting ethically, but I'm glad you do and I hope you continue treating others with kindness and doing good deeds." But often, that's not what we get. Instead, we see apologists not just scorning the idea that atheists can have moral principles, but actively trying to convince us that we should be evil!

4. "Big Government to Monitor How Much Your Kids Weigh" What's next, federal inspectors to make sure kids brush their teeth after eating?

Representative Sample: This latest outrage against individual liberty has the typically Orwellian name "Healthy Choices Act" — as if Big Government were in the business of leaving us with choices.

5. "Your House of Representatives at work" Or rather, wasting time on nonsense.

Representative Sample: Having rammed through hundreds of billions of dollars in wasted stimulus spending, Obamacare and an unpopular climate change bill that is going nowhere, the Democrats in the House of Representatives seem exhausted. Wary of doing anything else that might tick off their constituents, they have just thrown in the towel and are now simply grandstanding their way until they recess and can go home to campaign to be sent back to D.C. in order to rinse and repeat.

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