Monday, May 24, 2010

Environmentalist Lunatics Unite!

I'm paraphrasing Peter Daou, writing at the Huffington Post. Like most hysterical environmentalist types, Daou is outraged that others are not more hysterical about the Gulf oil spill.
Shame on us. 

A calamity is unfolding before our eyes - the greatest oil spill in history - and America's response is little more than a big yawn.
Americans are concerned. No one is thrilled with a big oil spill. But because most people keep things in perspective, Daou thinks they don't care.
Where is the outrage? Where are the millions marching in the streets, where is the round-the-clock roadblock coverage tracking every moment of the crisis, every effort to plug the leak, every desperate attempt to mitigate the damage? 

Where is the White House? Where are Republicans? Where are Democrats? Where is the left? Where is the right? Where is the "fierce urgency of now?"
It's an oil spill, not a comet heading straight for earth. But he thinks it's the same thing.
In the movies, pretend heroes like Bruce Willis and Will Smith save the planet while the whole world watches with breath and belief suspended. In real life, a global catastrophe is treated like a mere annoyance, mismanaged by a rapacious oil company, while drill-baby-drillers double down on their folly and the White House puts out defensive fact sheets about how they were on it from "day one."
It's pretty hard to read this article without laughing constantly.
The Gulf disaster is a singular moment - an opportunity to bring the human race together to save itself, to protect its only home
We're doomed! Only the environmentalist vanguard can save us.
This should be a rocket-boost for the environmental movement, a time to finally put to rest the notion that environmentalists are misguided alarmists, a chance to finally marginalize green-bashers and put an end to their fatal obstructionism.
Except that many environmentalists are "misguided alarmists." Daou is a prime example.
We need, and must demand, boldness and resoluteness worthy of a planetary emergency - true leadership, rallying the nation and the world to action. Offense, not defense.
What? Sorry, I was too busy laughing. But this guy is actually serious. It's a "planetary emergency"!
We are at an inflection point, one that will likely determine the fate of our species. Green-haters have been winning the message war, the all-important battle of public opinion. If those of us who want to salvage and protect our earth don't rise in righteous anger and use this moment to cement our case, then we have failed ourselves and future generations.

Environmentalist lunatics unite! Our hysterical earth-worship religion has been rejected by the ignorant masses. What is the answer? We need more hysteria and predictions of doom!

It's pretty funny that President Obama is getting the same type of criticism from environmentalist whack-jobs that Bush took over Katrina. They seem to think that if only he waved the magic wand of big government, that somehow he could make the problems go away.

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