Friday, May 21, 2010

HOT5 Daily 5/21/2010

1. "Standing by while a foreign leader bashes the United States" Typical Obama.

Representative Sample: there we have the vision of an American president to stand by and agree with a foreign leader who was criticizing the Arizona law. Remember this is the president of a country that has a much stricter policy than we do for dealing with illegal immigrants.

2. "I Thought Democrats Were For Privacy" It's hard to be for privacy and big government.

Representative Sample: The House voted to allow the DNA of people to be taken from them if they are arrested even if they are never convicted of a crime.

3. "Obama Cannot Ignore Chavez Terror Links" I'll bet he can.

Representative Sample: Washington’s ability to manage multiple challenges continues to be tested in the Western Hemisphere, where Venezuela’s anti-American leader Hugo Chavez is working to destabilize the region and support international terrorist organizations

4. "Drawing Mohammed: what was accomplished?" A refusal to bow to violent religious fanatics.

Representative Sample: Today, millions of Muslims worldwide cried out like infantile idiots over scribblings that were not in any way directed at them, but at an idea that is anathema to those who cherish freedom; the idea that religion is off-limits to criticism and that those who dare to criticize it should be silenced or killed.

5. "Pennsylvania Democrat Won Election By Running As A Republican" Pretty much. A sign that the Democratic brand is in trouble?

Representative Sample: He’s anti-Obamacare. He’s pro-gun. He’s against cap-and-trade. He’s for tax cuts. He’s anti-abortion. He’s pro-guns.

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