Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HOT5 Daily 5/18/2010

1. "Typical hand-wringing and Liberal moral relativism on full international display"That pretty much sums it up.

Representative Sample:This administration’s effort towards discussing “uncomfortable issues and showing maturity” would be hilarious if it wasn’t so damaging, ridiculous, and utterly removed from history and reality. China has an atrocious human rights record which makes it a fighting insult for American diplomats to fabricate and distort reality just so they can forcefully include the U.S. in comparison along side China, in order to find a reason to apologize.

2. "Hearts and Minds" How about we stop militarizing our police forces?

Representative Sample: We aren't at war with our people and we don't need para-military police to pacify our cities. Our military, in contrast, operates under very restrictive rules of engagement in Afghanistan. 

3. "Creating New Soldiers in Mexico's Drug War" Unintended consequences.

Representative Sample: the United States has failed to come up with a working strategy to weaken the most powerful players in today's drug trade: the handful of Mexican cartels that control the shipment of drugs across the border. Worse, U.S. efforts to make moving drugs across the border more difficult might be having the opposite effect: consolidating the illicit drug business into fewer and fewer hands and making the surviving heavyweights more difficult to defeat.

4. "Big Government to the Rescue!"Finding new ways to seize more power over citizens.

Representative Sample: the crisis game works like this: pet issues are turned into national concerns, which then become the object of study for social scientists. The media then substantiate the concerns by publishing the opinions of social scientists, and thus elevate the issue to the level of a crisis. Once concerns become crises, there are demands that something be done. These demands are quickly followed by legislative action that invariably leads to higher taxes, increased government regulation, a loss of liberty

5. "The Mind of the Fundamentalist" An interesting analysis.

Representative Sample: In many senses the fundamentalist is like the New Age wacko who argues that reality is what you perceive it to be and that there is no "real" nature to anything. According to them everything is what we perceive it to be, or our perceptions shape reality. The fundamentalist believes the world is what the Bible says it is, whether it fits that description of not.

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