Friday, May 7, 2010

HOT5 Daily 5/7/2010

1. "Toxic Atheism" I have to agree with some of this.

Representative Sample: The consequence is to render atheism — including atheists who are individually innocent of the extremism of the militants — politically toxic. The reason that atheists find themselves on the political fringes is because the intolerance and extremism of a few

2. "Freedom Has Consequences"A good response to the latest left-wing attempt to use terrorism as a way to attack gun ownership.

Representative Sample: I don’t think anyone here really wants it to be easy for terrorists to get guns. I don’t really want it to be easy for them to roam around the country either. It would be really nice if we could identify all the terrorists who are in the United States right now and eject them from the country. But none of these goals can be achieved without destroying essential liberties. This is a consequence of having freedom.

3. "The Worst Brit PM: Loser of the Colonies or Appeaser of Hitler?"The best and worst British prime ministers, according to the Times of London.

Representative Sample: the Times of London has provided readers with an interesting feature about his predecessors, ranking the top 50 British prime ministers. A panel of political writers and journalists — not historians — composed the list, but it still is enough to spark a lively conversation about the subject.

4. "You’re Making It Difficult" Short but to the point. Pretty much how I feel.

Representative Sample: Memo to those of Mexican descent in the US: I am trying hard here to stand up for your right to be here seeking opportunity and to be free of state harassment, but you are making it difficult

5. "Complacence?" Just because recent terrorists in the U.S. have been inept, doesn't mean they all will be.

Representative Sample: A few guys really committed guys with the level of infantry training you could get in a good reserve unit, equipped with stuff you can purchase from Tesco for a few hundred pounds, and weapons available to anyone with cash and criminal connections can cause a colossal amount of damage.

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