Tuesday, May 25, 2010

HOT5 Daily 5/25/2010

1. "Duty, Honor … Country Optional"A good analysis of Obama's West Point speech.

Representative Sample:President Obama’s dream for a new international order has informed virtually all of his administration’s foreign policy initiatives. And almost all of them demonstrate just why sacrificing American sovereignty and security at the altar of global bureaucracy is such a terrible idea.

2. "Bounties: How The Taliban And Al Qaeda Use Bounties In The War" Compared to how we use them.

Representative Sample: the big difference between our bounty system, and their bounty system, is that they actually want people to either kill or capture folks and that there are no legal restrictions for that process. It is the purest form of a free market based killing mechanism.

3. "Beijing's Most Embarrassing Allies" Five examples.

Representative Sample: As China has grown into a major economic and military power in the last two decades, its mad scramble for energy resources and trading partners has led it into alliances with some of the world's most unsavory governments. Here are five regimes that couldn't survive without Beijing

4. "Why Big City Incompetents Like “Gun Control”" Because it is an excuse for not taking responsibility.

Representative Sample: A lot of the big urban areas of the Northeast have turned into war zones. Virtually, without exception, they place the blame on lax “gun control” (really, people control) laws for their sky-high murder rates. I wonder if their voters have ever asked themselves why their mayors are so obsessed?

5. "Which Jefferson?" Interesting historical article.

Representative Sample: There is no state or territory of the United States with the name Jefferson—but there were four such entities that either existed or were contemplated in the course of American history.

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