Tuesday, May 11, 2010

HOT5 Daily 5/11/2010

1. "What do you learn at terrorist training camp?" If this article is correct, not much other than some rudimentary stuff.

Representative Sample: today's terrorist training camps are not what they used to be. Sprawling al Qaeda camps complete with such amenities as firing ranges, like Tarnak Farms near Kandahar, Afghanistan, where Osama bin Laden is believed to have plotted the 9/11 attacks, are largely a thing of the past.

2. "Dealing with Pirates - Russia Makes them Walk the Plank" Not exactly, but the Russians have more sense than most on how to deal with captured pirates.

Representative Sample: A number of pirates have been simply released, either back ashore or back to their boats, after being disarmed of any weapons that they didn't already throw overboard themselves prior to capture. The Russians have come up with a nastier version of this tactic, basically abandoning the pirates far at sea with only the most basic of supplies.

3. "Gallup: A majority of Americans want SCOTUS to head in a more Conservative direction." If so, maybe they should stop voting for Democrats.

Representative Sample: With the idelogical shift reported by Gallup earlier this year, this new poll shouldn’t be all that surprising.

4. "10 Biggest Oil Spills in History + How Oil Breaks Down in H2O" Interesting.

Representative Sample: while natural oil seeps spill far more oil every year than the total of all human caused oil spills, nature finds a way to clean up after herself. In fact, nature even cleans up after human-caused oil spills.

5. "Afghanistan Grapples with "Honor Rape"" Not just for women.

Representative Sample: The herdsmen allegedly stole the men's guns and money and gang raped them in retribution for the 'dishonor' they had committed by having sex with the two young women.

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  1. Thank you for the link. My post has now been updated with the current fate of the pirates as well as a photo of the pirates once the vessel had been recaptured.

  2. Interesting post. I went back and read the update.