Saturday, May 1, 2010

HOT5 Daily 5/1/2010

1. "Not Just Right but Center-Right" Why we need moderate Republicans.

Representative Sample: this business of no RINO's allowed needs to stop. If you want seats in those blue states then you are going to get a Scott Brown type Republican. Since those seats are absolutely necessary for Republican control, learn to live with moderate Republicans. Just remember that they are better than any Democrat.

2. "China's grand strategy" What is China up to?

Representative Sample: Robert Kaplan has written an excellent, thought-provoking piece in Foreign Affairs. He argues that China's insatiable demand for energy and natural resources is driving its strategic policy, as it expands its military reach and influence both on continental as well as in maritime Asia. It is not that China has a master plan for world domination, rather, like all rising powers, (nineteenth-century America included) the logic of its growth requires it to play a greater international role.

3. "Is Obama Lying or Just Deluded?" Good title. I'm going to have to answer: both.

Representative Sample: he is a Progressive and a Pragmatist. Both those philosophies make distinguishing between fantasy and reality very difficult, since Pragmatism implies there is no such distinction and Progressivism provides a moral motivation for not feeling compelled to make the effort.

4. "The Quran in Context" A good analysis.

Representative Sample:The problem in the western world is not that there are too many non-Muslims who misinterpret or mistranslate the Quran or take it out of context, the problem is that too many Muslims correctly understand and interpret the Quran and put it into today's context.

5. "Looking Through the Wrong End of the Telescope" How about generating more wealth instead of more regulation?

Representative Sample: All of the conversations revolve around what this or that government is going to do to solve the problems. This has the problem exactly backwards. Governments generate nothing, they only spend their nation's profits. Everything comes from profits. While austerity measures are all well and good, perhaps the more important issue is how to increase profits and how much they need to increase.

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