Saturday, May 8, 2010

HOT5 Daily 5/8/2010

1. "Only Democrats Are Allowed to Exploit a Crisis" One of the many things that's only bad if done by Republicans.

Representative Sample: It's painfully obvious how weak and ineffective Democrats are at fighting terrorism, so why on earth would Republicans not use such weakness to their advantage?

2. "From The Department Of Lipsticking The Pig Department..." Happy talk about a rise in unemployment. If Bush were still president, the same people talking about recovery would be non-stop doom & gloom and blaming Bush.

Representative Sample:Well, official unemployment jumped to 9.9% and U-6 unemployment is now at 17.1%. Is that bad news? Not if you're one of the drones, it isn't.

3. "The Further Left You Are the Less You Know About Economics:" Yeah, that's a big surprise.

Representative Sample: Those identifying as “libertarian” and “very conservative” were the most knowledgeable about basic economics. Those identifying as “Progressive” and “Liberal” were the worst.

4. "The Appalling Media Double Standard on Reporting Political Violence" Provides examples.

Representative Sample:The message from the media was clear: any violence against their liberal allies will be broadcast far and wide, and any threat or slur will be published as fact, no matter how dubious the claim. The reverse, sadly, is not true, and that is not a recent development.

5. "The Next Admirals' Revolt?" Over the future of the fleet.

Representative Sample: There's a battle shaping up between Defense Secretary Robert Gates and one of the most powerful constituencies in the defense community. We're referring to the United States Navy and those who have a stake in the composition (and construction) of our fleet.

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