Tuesday, May 4, 2010

HOT5 Daily 5/4/2010

1. "“The Left loses its way by abandoning ‘third way’”" Looks at Michael Barone's latest thesis.

Representative Sample: The GOP, in other words, seems to believe it can gain power by remaining socially conservative in many areas, while promising to govern in other areas in a way that is consonant with the big government ambitions of progressives. That is, they continue to run as “Democrat light” when it comes to government scope — while often highlighting only the “social conservative” part of conservatism as a sop to what they believe is their base.

2. "Obama Administration Continues to Supply Israel with Advanced Weapons" Good news. Debunks rumors to the contrary.

Representative Sample: as of now the Obama Administration has never put any material pressure on Israel. There are wild rumors and irresponsible materials floating around to the contrary. They aren’t true.

3. "Let the Net Fairies Win for Us!" I was going to write about this Foreign Policy article but he did it for me.

Representative Sample: Arquilla has three simple rules to win in a modern networked environment that will save untold amounts of blood and treasure--notwithstanding the facts that the costs have been relatively small and our casualties historically low with the disastrous approach Arquilla claims we've had.

4. "An Accumulation and Amplification of Doubts"Excellent article on evaluating stories about Jesus. 

Representative Sample: Between 35 CE and 2010, a great many people and events interposed between you and the alleged resurrection of Jesus. You challenge is to try to form a reasonable opinion about the reality of the resurrection on the basis of information that has been fed through many layers of filtration, interference, psychological distortions, social and political forces, and so on. So the real question becomes, given the path through history that the ressurection story has taken, should you believe it? My answer has been “no.” 

5. "Multiculturalism fails Canada" Speaking out on the negative consequences of multiculturalism.

Representative Sample: Multiculturalism is a diminution of Canada's founding history. It diminishes the vitality and largeness of the political culture that has accommodated a multitude of ethnicities within its borders, while it fails in bringing to immigrants - especially of non-European origin - a compensating increase in appreciation for those values that went into building Canada as a model of civility..

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