Wednesday, May 12, 2010

HOT5 Daily 5/12/2010

1. "Why I'm an Optimist About the US" Reasons for optimism.

Representative Sample: As I've watched the European debt crisis grow, I've gained increasing optimism for the future of the US. Here's why.

2. "It’s Just a Muhammad Drawing. Relax." Many excellent points.

Representative Sample: This isn’t about disrespect. You don’t see atheists drawing Hindu deities Shiva and Vishnu in a compromising way. Why not? Because Hindus aren’t going around threatening to kill anyone who does so.

3. "India needs less government, not more" Don't we all.

Representative Sample: The mistake socialists make is to equate ownership by the government with ownership by “the people”. That is a fallacy. Government does not equal “the people”; to the contrary, it is made up of an elite group that often selfishly pursues its own interests.

4. "Tone deaf or just plain stupid? You decide. Church installs registered sex offender to oversee youth and children" Not the Catholic Church. And apparently this bishop of the Church of God in Christ has learned absolutely nothing from the Catholic scandal.

Representative Sample: Frank Douglas, Jr. bishop of the Church of God in Christ’s Western Missouri jurisdiction has appointed and installed a registered sex offender as president of AIM (Auxillaries in Ministry) which, among other things, has oversight of youth and children

5. "If She Floats Then She is Not a Witch Like We Thought" Enforcing laws against witchcraft because otherwise "witches" will be lynched. Seriously.

Representative Sample: In case you need further evidence that religion and superstition are a scourge on the species, look no further than this piece in The Atlantic about anti-witchcraft laws in the Central African Republic

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