Thursday, May 13, 2010

HOT5 Daily 5/13/2010

1. "Administrative State of Emergency" Rules that run our lives.

Representative Sample:The administrative state are government bureaucracies that create “rules” that have the power of law, but were not voted on by Congress, or signed by the president. This gives them unregulated power to regulate our lives in ways that were never intended by the Founders. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson cited the administrative state as one of the reasons they were declaring their independence from Britain:

2. "Surprise! Health Care Bill “Likely to Top” $1 Trillion “Budget”" A surprise that isn't surprising.

Representative Sample: Obama’s promised “unofficial budget” of $1 trillion over 10 years for his health care overhaul has already been busted

3. "Army Surpasses One Million Unmanned Flight Hours" The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle revolution.

Representative Sample: The growth in UAS since the beginning of OEF and OIF is staggering - the Army inventory jumped from a handful of systems in 2001 to roughly 1,000 aircraft by 2010 and is now logging up to 25,000 of UAV flight hours per month in support of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. Army surpassed the one million unmanned-hour mark in April of 2010.

4. "Why Does Porn Matter?" Links to a more detailed article by the same writer.

Representative Sample: I want to talk about why porn matters. I want to talk about what porn contributes: to individuals, and to a culture. I want to talk about why porn has redeeming social importance... even the "no redeeming social importance" stuff, the sleaziest, skankiest, artistically shabbiest, porniest porn you can imagine.

5. "Muslim Violence Against Critics Works Once Again" Swedish university caves in to intimidation.

Representative Sample: What happens when you appease those who use violence to silence those they don’t agree with? You allow them to shape the debate. You allow them to win and you silence freedom of speech

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