Friday, June 11, 2010

HOT5 Daily 6/11/2010

1. "Things Better Left Unannounced" Department of bad ideas.

Representative Sample: Robert Gates has just publicly informed the world -- including the Taliban and al-Qaeda, assuming they listen to the news -- just how long our enemies must hold out and make it appear we're not doing well, before the American people will turn against the war, forcing us to withdraw prematurely and in defeat.

2. "The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor, Dependent and Stupid" Speaking of bad ideas.

Representative Sample: Graced (!) with a three hour layover in Youston, your correspondent discovers that the tax deduction for mortgage interest – which subsidizes the greatest wealth generating engine in Middle American life – is now on the chopping block

3. "No One Cares About Gaza" Cynically exploited as a weapon against Israel.

Representative Sample: An extraordinary amount of time and energy has been spent in the last ten days denouncing Israel for its supposedly inhumane treatment of Gaza, but Hamas — under which Palestinians fare orders of magnitude worse — gets a pass from most of the people yelling at Israel. It’s not hard to figure out who and what all the fuss is really about.

4. "The Latest in Pants-Wetting Anti-Terrorism Legislation" Idiotic and unnecessary.

Representative Sample: If only we could get a terrorist to employ a reactionary, grandstanding politician in some future plot. Maybe Congress would finally ban those, too.

5. "Meet the Navy's Elite Dolphins" The few, the proud, the bottlenoses.

Representative Sample: Their ranks are tiny: just 80 of them in all. They spend most of their lives at sea. And they train for their classified missions seven days a week, three to six years at a stretch.

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