Thursday, June 17, 2010

HOT5 Daily 6/17/2010

1. "Why Executive Experience Matters: President Obama Still Organizer-In-Chief" A pretty convincing thesis.

Representative Sample:The skills that make a good community organizer necessarily mean that the organizer is outside the system, trying to change the system, and decrying the awfulness of the system. But President Obama IS THE SYSTEM now. He hates and loves the very authority that he must wield. His tossing and turning rhetorically and his inaction are a product of his belief system.

2. "Ignore North Korea, offer Beijing a choice" Go to the source of the North Korean problem.

Representative Sample: China is the key to solving the Korean quandary. The Middle Kingdom is North Korea's largest trade partner, most generous aid donor, and only real friend. Without help from China, North Korea is not viable -- if such an impoverished and benighted nation can be said to be so. In what should be an embarrassment to modern business and political leaders in Beijing, relations between China and North Korea are still conducted by their recondite and fossilized Communist Parties.

3. "Top Officer Sees Military Caution as Backfiring" The consequences of foolish legalism. Links an interesting article.

Representative Sample: Commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan have been reluctant to launch more secret operations because of an excess of caution about violating military rules and international law, a top Army officer says. The tentative approach to "deception operations" has cost the U.S. military opportunities to weaken the enemy without firing a shot, said Army Lt. Gen. Michael Oates

4. "The Will to say “No”" A limited type of free will?

Representative Sample: I have heard that the only Will we have is the Will to say “no” to options our brain offers us. “No” is our ability to focus, to concentrate, to value.

5. "Will Obama hit the ‘reset’ button on U.S.-Japan relations?" Odds are he'll screw ups relations even worse.

Representative Sample:That struck many in Washington as a sign that the Democratic Party of Japan, which took power last year for the first time, is still hedging against what party leaders see as an Obama administration that just isn't giving Japan the respect and attention it feels it deserves.

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