Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HOT5 Daily 6/22/2010

1. "Obama’s Pressure, Not Support for Israel, Harms U.S. Interests" It's amazing that it even has to be explained that assisting Hamas is not in the U.S. interest.

Representative Sample: if the result of this exercise is a stronger Hamas regime and a weaker Palestinian Authority — which may now feel compelled to join forces with the Islamists — then it is Obama and the United States that are as much the loser as Israel

2. "The 'Gizab Good Guys'" This is how to defeat the Taliban, from the bottom up. 

Representative Sample: you can't stand up to tyranny without arms. LET US NEVER FORGET THAT AN ARMED MAN IS NO ONE'S SLAVE. Anyone, from neighbors to public officials, should be roundly and loudly condemned every time they advocate the disarmament of the population.

3. "Do You Care Whether the Religious Ideas You Believe in Are True or Not?" Many don't seem to care. Their faith is more important than reality.

Representative Sample: As an atheist writer, I've been having this weird series of conversations about religion with believers who take this position. Some of them take it in a very hard-line relativist way: they insist that there's no reality other than the one we create in our minds.

4. "X-rayted pinup" An unusual calendar.

Representative Sample: That picture is one of a dozen making up an unusual — to say the least! — pinup calendar. It was put together for EIZO, a monitor manufacturer; their equipment is used to display high-resolution medical displays… like radiographs. So it’s clever, and apropos.

5. "Saving "virtual worlds" from extinction" An interesting project.

Representative Sample: Sometime this August, librarians at the University of Illinois will finish archiving over a dozen famous computer games, then step back to consider where to go next with their project. These programs go back over four decades, and include a 1993 version of Doom, various editions of Warcraft, and even MIT's Spacewar! circa 1962.

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