Sunday, June 27, 2010

HOT5 Daily 6/27/2010

1. "A World Without Profit" A good essay. 

Representative Sample: The concept of profit takes a lot of abuse from the Left. Democrats usually spit the word out as though it were a curse, especially when they’re working to increase government control over private industry. Our current economic malaise illustrate that, contrary to liberal rhetoric, the absence of profit does not lead to “shared wealth” or “economic justice.” A world without profit is a world of poverty.

2. "Losing Turkey" There are still plenty in denial, especially in the anti-Israel camp. 

Representative Sample: The only thing worse than losing a crucial ally, and a strategic bridge from the West to the East, is to be in denial of that loss. Erdogan showed Europe what it wanted to see by reforming the military, but his intentions were inwardly focused, in the short term at least.

3. "Mayhem in Toronto" Far more force needs to be used to crush the violent fringe that riots at every G8/G20 event.  

Representative Sample: Black-clad protesters have dispersed across Toronto, wrecking havoc on a wide range of Toronto sites. The Yonge and College streets area are facing impacting damage; news report say protesters are also moving to University and College streets.

4. "Where's the budget?" If you care at all about fiscal responsibility vote Republican. Yeah, I know, they aren't too good either, but they are still better than Democrats.

Representative Sample: The Democrats know that with respect to the way they have handled the Federal budget, they have driven the trolley off the tracks. Since FY 2007, they have added over $1 trillion in annual spending, via new programs and aggressive expansion of public sector responsibilities.

5. "EU bans selling eggs by the dozen" Bureaucrats making new, idiotic rules -- what a surprise.

Representative Sample: From the London Daily Mail: “The move could cost retailers millions of pounds because of changes they will have to make to packaging and labeling, as well as the extra burden of weighing each box of food before it is put on sale.”

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