Monday, June 7, 2010

HOT5 Daily 6/7/2010

1. "The Holy Church of St. Pancake" Patron saint of Israel-haters.

Representative Sample: Exploited to advance the anti-Israel cause, this symbolic Rachel Corrie functions in death as the real Rachel Corrie functioned in life, scapegoating Jews and acting as a human shield for terrorists.

2. "Inside Dutch Army Special Forces, Part One"An interesting look at an allied force operating in Afghanistan.

Representative Sample: The Dutch have set a benchmark in Uruzgan, Afghanistan, with the way they have conducted counter-insurgency operations in pursuit of the “ink-spot” strategy. This strategy concentrates military and construction efforts around population centers in a bid to “make the Taliban irrelevant.” This summer the Dutch will be leaving the province as a combat force. The Americans will take over. Until then, however, the battle continues beyond the ink spot’s borders. This is where the Dutch Special Forces come in.

3. "What is a “True Christian”?" Pretty much whatever the person using the term thinks it means.

Representative Sample: I mention the “True Christian” phrase because it seems that every time a non-Christian points at the felonious acts of a self-proclaimed Christian, there is someone ready to use the excuse, “He/She isn’t a True Christian”.

4. "Life on the moon Titan? Evidence points that way." Links to New Scientist article.

Representative Sample: The chemistry suggests that a viable metabolism on Titan could produce a lack of acetylene and hydrogen, and that's what they found.

5. "leeches" Pretty good.

Representative Sample: It's a cartoon.

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