Saturday, June 26, 2010

HOT5 Daily 6/26/2010

1. "If You Are Having Trouble Becoming Pessimistic About Afghanistan..." Unfortunately I'm not having any trouble at all.

Representative Sample: Darn, that July deadline was meant only as a reassuring signal of weakness and vacillation to the anti-war left. Who could have guessed that the Pakistanis and the Taliban were listening?

2. "The Cruel Hoax of Green Jobs" Frum on target.

Representative Sample:Government can give away only so much taxpayer money before people get weary. It can mandate only so much uncompetitive and irrational corporate investment before the overall economy loses competitiveness. It would be a very foolish 21-year-old who’d make career decisions based on a promise of government support and shelter for an industry that otherwise cannot pay its own way.

3. "USAF senior leadership goes for the death spiral" Radical cuts not a good idea.

Representative Sample: Great plan if the U.S. can guarantee no more conventional wars. But hey, we got those clear WX, permissive air environment uprated snowmobile engine powered UAVs to defend America’s interests.

4. "A resilient Iran shields itself from pressure by building alliances" More reasons why sanctions are basically useless.

Representative Sample:despite the U.N. Security Council having imposed its fourth round of sanctions on Iran, Tehran is demonstrating remarkable resilience, insulating some of its most crucial industries from U.S.-backed financial restrictions and building a formidable diplomatic network that should help it withstand some of the pressure from the West.

5. "Doctor Invents Condom With 'Teeth' To Fight Rape"The best way to fight rape is for women to arm themselves and kill rapists. But this will definitely give them a nasty surprise.

Representative Sample:Jagged rows of teeth-like hooks line its inside and attach on a man's penis during penetration. Once it lodges, only a doctor can remove it

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