Thursday, June 3, 2010

HOT5 Daily 6/3/2010

1. "An Open Letter to Turkey"A must-read.

Representative Sample: when a country that persecutes its Kurdish, Assyrian and Armenian citizens, and sends their elected representatives to jail-- presumes to self-righteously lecture us on how to manage our affairs, it had better remember that holding a stone throwing contest in a glass house will just lead to piles of broken glass.

2. "Bravo For Biden" How often can you say that?

Representative Sample: Biden is wrong on almost every issue and frequently is a buffoon, but at some level he's not a bad guy--that's the way it seems, anyway--and occasionally that manifests itself in a burst of common sense.

3. "The Difference Between the Quran and the Torah" Jews don't take the murderous passages as current instructions.

Representative Sample:When a Jew reads Deuteronomy 13:6-9 that the punishment for apostasy is stoning, it is merely a piece of historical data; it certainly is not to be applied and hasn't been applied for millennia - in fact, more than two thousand years ago the rabbis declared that the passages regarding the death penalty for idolatry, bestiality, blasphemy, illicit sex, breaking the Sabbath, witchcraft, and certain adulterous behavior was purely for historical study, not for actual practice or execution.

4. "Chris Hayes Uses “No Atheists in Foxholes” Line" Good picture.

Representative Sample: We know you’re using it as a literary device and not “stating it as fact.” But people think it’s true. It’s not.

5. "Obama blames BP oil leak on Republicans" The latest ridiculous attempt to shift blame.

Representative Sample: With Jon Stewart now openly mocking him — and people heckling him in public — and Spike Lee telling him to “go off” — President Obama finally blamed Republicans for the BP oil leak.

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