Friday, June 18, 2010

HOT5 Daily 6/18/2010

1. "Top Ten Al Gore Pickup Lines" How Al Gore operates.

Representative Sample: 5. “Lucky for you my lovemaking is a renewable resource.”

2. "Inspections for fire extinguishers take precedence over stopping the oil from reaching shore" Our government in action.

Representative Sample: For those of you still wondering why the leadership of the administration is being questioned as it pertains to this crisis, these are the sorts of examples that are apparently daily fare down there. They are why the effort has been called uncoordinated and “chaotic”. And they’re not because of BP.

3. "The Myth of Alternative Power and Hydroelectric Storage" Reality vs. pie-in-the-sky alternative energy dreams.

Representative Sample:Scale matters. The sad thing is, our political class doesn’t understand this so now we’re seriously trying to base our long-term energy generation on a hopeless technology.

4. "Fighter-Launched Interceptors Versus Ballistic Missiles" Something we should definitely look into.

Representative Sample: Study of boost-phase intercept (BPI) in the 1990s was abandoned because of the short range of fighter radars and missiles and the immature development of unmanned aircraft. But the idea of attacking during boost phase, when ballistic missiles are slow, hot targets, remains attractive to defense planners.

5. "A billion here, a billion there and …" $1.2 billion for cycling and walking initiatives -- because we've got taxpayer money to burn.

Representative Sample: Considering the average round trip commute to work in the US is 29 miles, merely “nudging” people to use bikes or feet will not get people to give up their private cars (and the liberty they provide).

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