Tuesday, June 1, 2010

HOT5 Daily 6/1/2010

1. "Kill ‘em all" If necessary. My heart doesn't bleed for enemy terrorist supporters.

Representative Sample: Knowingly or not, the Jew-hating, terrorist-loving, anti-Western blockheads sailed armed into a war zone, and they got what they had coming. Next time we can only hope the Israelis sink the bastards outright, without needlessly exposing themselves to attack by these genocidal swine.

2. "Comparison: Liberal Reaction Vs. Conservative Reaction To The Israel/Flotilla Story" Try to find any leftists that defend Israel's legitimate attempt to enforce a blockade against its enemies.

Representative Sample:it's at times like these when you get to see which side really supports Israel and, newsflash, it isn't the political party that's in charge in this country today.

3. "Never Give Up Your Weapons" Ask the Carthaginians.

Representative Sample: Having surrendered their swords, the Carthaginians could only resort to words. So they appealed to the Romans for mercy and pity. But none was granted.

4. "Pirates Threaten Boats on US Border Lake" A situation I hadn't heard of until I read this article.

Representative Sample: The waters of Falcon Lake normally beckon boaters with waterskiing and world-record bass fishing. But this holiday weekend, fishermen on the waters that straddle the U.S.-Mexico border are on the lookout for something more sinister: pirates.

5. "Was Israel's Boarding Of the Gaza Flotilla a Violation of International Law?" No.

Representative Sample: the laws of the sea indicate that Israel was in her bounds when she boarded the terrorist boat last night.

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