Thursday, June 24, 2010

HOT5 Daily 6/24/2010

1. "Ignorance Is Liberal Bliss" Economic edition.

Representative Sample: The survey results demonstrate the strong connection between economic ignorance and interventionist enthusiasm. Those who are most determined to interfere with the economy know the least about it. Conversely, knowledge leads to humility.

2. "Obama's Not Even Popular in the Middle East! So What's the Point?" Middle Easterners that hate the U.S.still hate us.

Representative Sample:it shouldn’t surprise anyone—but does due to bad ideology and media coverage—that Obama isn’t popular. According to the latest Pew Research Center's Global Attitudes Project poll, he’s gone down in every Muslim-majority country. Only 17 percent of people in Turkey, Pakistan, and Egypt have a positive view of the United States. In Egypt, America is less popular than it was when Bush was president.

3. "Religious Logic" An accurate cartoon.

Representative Sample: It's a cartoon

4. "A look back at our time from the 2100 A.D. edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica" Entertaining future history speculation.

Representative Sample:The Polywell transformed the US (and the world) from a fossil fuel-based economy to an all-electric one, although this took place over two painful decades. The BP’s funding for the Polywell followed the famous exchange between Dr. Green (CEO of EMC2 Fusion Development Corp) and Admiral Moebius

5. "Good News!! UN Rights Appointee Pledges to Attack U.S. "Monster" and Israel" Yet another example of why the UN has zero credibility as an institution.

Representative Sample: ex-Sandinista Miguel d'Escoto is already abusing his new mandate as advisor to the UN Human Rights Council to promote divisive politics, pledging today on Colombian TV to use his UN podium specifically to target the U.S., which he compared to a "monster," and Israel..

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  1. Thanks for the link to much appreciated and glad you liked it!

  2. With regard to "ignorance is liberal bliss", by following the link in the published pdf, it looks to me that the questions in the survey were designed to measure/detect the difference in opinion between conservatives and liberals. It didn't read to me as though it was measuring "economic enlightenment".
    eg. one question was "level of agreement - poverty causes crime"
    Therefore, I suspect that one of the premises of the study (that they're objectively measuring the level of economic knowledge) is incorrect. If that's the case, simplistically saying that conservatives know more about economics is not supported either.