Sunday, June 6, 2010

HOT5 Daily 6/6/2010

1. "Leftist Blogosphere Aligns with the Enemies of Israel -- and Civilization" Not a surprise.

Representative Sample: What was once described as "the new face of antisemitism" isn't very new any more. And it isn't a new face. It's the same, centuries-old credo: blame the Jews.

2. "Re Profanity" Speaking of the left-wing blogosphere, why is that profanity is so much more common on leftists blogs than right?

Representative Sample: Lefties don’t believe personal liberties have consequences, or at least don’t believe that they should have, which is, leftwise, the same thing. They also tend to think that their moral superiority excuses their moral failings, and even turns moral failings into virtues. So no big surprise so many of them think “f*** you, a**hole” is a cogent political argument.

3. "What we can learn from Pompey" Links an interesting article.

Representative Sample: the answer has to do with growing a spine.

4. "Don’t Tape Me Bro!" Videotaping the police should be legal.

Representative Sample: The police are public servants, meaning they essential work for us. We are their employer, and unless it is a case of an undercover operation or other sensitive operation, there should be no ‘expectation of privacy’ or ‘consent’ involved. Since Rodney King, the video camera has been on the front-line of detecting and correcting some very bad police officers by the public. Such recording is the only defense a citizen has against ‘his word against yours’ which unfortunately ‘his word’ is most often given priority in court.

5. "What Makes Darth Vader Tick" Someone actually published an article in a psychology journal about Darth Vader.

Representative Sample: I don’t mind hearing about the philosophy of Star Wars or the plausibility of the science of Star Wars, I do think that psychologically dissecting Darth Vader and classifying him under current DSM-IV standards diminishes what Lucas was trying to get across.

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