Friday, June 25, 2010

Unbelievable Taser Abuse

There have been numerous cases of unnecessary & abusive taser use by police, but this one has to top them all.  A man called 911 for medical assistance for his 86 year old grandmother who was disabled, bedridden and on oxygen. She didn't know when she had taken her medications, so he asked for an EMT to come evaluate her. Instead, about ten cops showed up.
The grandma, Lona Varner, "told them to get out of her apartment."... "Instead, the apparent leader of the police ... instructed another policeman to 'Taser her!' He stated in his report that the 86 year-old plaintiff 'took a more aggressive posture in her bed,' and that he was fearful for his safety and the safety of others.
She was tasered not once, but twice. The grandson protested before they did it, and for his protest was threatened with tasering and put in handcuffs.  Read the whole thing, it's truly unbelievable. The account is from the grandson and his grandmother, Lona M. Varner, who are suing the city and the police officers involved. If their story is in any way accurate, those cops should face not just a lawsuit but criminal charges. There's absolutely no excuse for tasering an 86 year old, disabled, bedridden woman on oxygen -- whether she went crazy or not.

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  1. I'm having trouble believing this one simply because I do not want to, bringing another cognitive disability forward.