Saturday, June 12, 2010

HOT5 Daily 6/12/2010

1. "Why I’m Now Against The War In Afghanistan" I wouldn't say I'm against it, but I share many of these positions.

Representative Sample: Turning Afghanistan into whatever-the-hell we’re trying to turn it into isn’t our business. The only reason we should be there is to kill terrorists. That’s what we’re doing in Pakistan and last time I checked, we’re using a few CIA Predator drones to handle it. We don’t need 80,000 troops for that and such a large number of troops is counterproductive anyway. 

2. "Crimes Against Women and Children in the Name of Islam" Speaking of Afghanistan.

Representative Sample:The practice of forced marriages (as opposed to arranged marriages) in some Muslim states such as Afghanistan is very common. Some reports claim that somewhere between 60-80 percent of marriages in Afghanistan are forced upon the girls involved or without the consent of the girls.

3. "Does Anyone Know What The Hell A “Green Job” Is?" A talking point with very little actual meaning.

Representative Sample: Good thing we are spending tens of billions of dollars on jobs that Los Federale Climate Alarmistas are clueless to define. Not shocking, considering how terrible liberals are on economics.

4. "A Bad Policy Continues" The Pope says its a "sign of faith." More like a sign of stupidity and stubborn refusal to correct a long-running mistake.

Representative Sample: With the widespread problems created by forced celibacy for priests, you have to wonder if now is the time for the failed policy to go away. Well, no matter how smart it would be, it's not going to happen under this Pope:

5. "Russia's Backsliding Continues" Moving backward toward the bad old days.

Representative Sample: The squalid little authoritarians in Russia rubber stamped a new law yesterday that would "boost the powers of the successor to the Soviet KGB, allowing it to summon people it believes are about to commit a crime and threaten jail for those who disobey its orders."

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