Monday, June 28, 2010

HOT5 Daily 6/28/2010

1. "The Regulators are Dead, Long Live the Regulators" The false panacea of regulation. 

Representative Sample: when regulators fail, the government’s response is not to look at government’s role in creating the original problem, but to blame any private interests and add more regulations that will increase the scope and power of the government, take away your liberties, and do nothing to fix the original problem.

2. "Why Leakers Never Go To Jail" Changing that should be a priority. 

Representative Sample: These leaks, mostly in the Washington, DC, area, are quite common, with about a hundred a year since the 1990s. Most (60 percent) are not even investigated. And since 1995, only two of these 600 investigations have led to a prosecution.

3. "Problems at the Top" Is there an serious problem with the senior officer corps?  

Representative Sample: The military serves the Constitution and nation. Whatever our political views are should remain private, as they are immaterial to the performance of our duties. If we cannot support the Constitutional officers of our nation, then we should resign. Derisive comments about civilian leadership, discussion of politics, and display of political preference should not be part of professional ethic.

4. "Pakistan Fields Newest F-16s" Upgrading Pakistan's air force -- something that strikes me as not such a great idea. 

Representative Sample: The handover at the PAF Base Shahbaz represents a big jump in the service’s air-to-ground attack capability. In particular, the service stresses the new aircraft will provide a vital capability to carry out missions at night.

5. "Fighting a Real War From Virtual Cockpit" Being a Predator controller.

Representative Sample: "Sometimes, I'll hear guys screaming and gunfire in the background," he said. "Your heart's racing, probably just like theirs, even though you're not actually there."

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