Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More of the Same from Obama

If you look at the reaction to Obama's speech, it seems that some of his cheerleaders are waking up to reality. The president is good at inspiring rhetoric about vague future hopes and changes -- that's what got him elected. But when there are real urgent problems that require leadership, they expose the fact that he has no executive experience and minimal leadership abilities. He's basically an empty suit with little to offer beyond talk. Many of us could see that right away, but now even some former Obama-worshippers are finally getting a clue.

People don't want vague reassurances about how we'll do everything possible to clean up the oil spill, how we are going to hold BP responsible, or more preaching about the U.S. "addiction" to oil. Talking about compensation and restoration efforts is extremely premature. The spill is still spilling. We don't know if and when the leak will be plugged, or the full extent of the damage. People want specifics about what we are doing right now -- not at some vague future time. What are the details of the plans to plug the leak? What is the time frame? What defensive measures can we put in place to minimize the damage while the leak continues? People were expecting to hear a clear plan of action from the president. Instead they got the usual empty talk, just more of the same.

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  1. Well, I think you touched on all points in regards to Sir Talks-a-Lot. Wish he'd just shut his trap and start doing something constructive.