Saturday, June 19, 2010

HOT5 Daily 6/19/2010

1. "The great disillusionment" People slowing waking up.

Representative Sample: As we see liberals starting to bemoan the response of the Obama administration to the oil spill and his weak speech, we're seeing more than a growing fatigue with Obama, we're witnessing liberals coming into contact with reality. Contrary to their ideology, a government run by well-intentioned and bright people can't really set us on the road to a better, more perfectable world.

2. "Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better for the Military" “Performance-based logistics”

Representative Sample: there’s a better way for our military to measure success, an approach that would also save us money

3. "Obama and Foreign Policy" Links an excellent article.

Representative Sample: Obama’s critics have the right of it: he’s great at making speeches and at crafting a great image for himself, but so far America is weaker as a world power because of his poor leadership to date. Despite the fervent desires of some of his supporters, acting apologetic and ingratiating does not make America more respected in the world. It tends to do the reverse.

4. "The heat is on for international robot race" Working on the next generation of combat robots.

Representative Sample: Four Australian and eight overseas technology teams are gearing up this month for the elimination round in the international challenge to find the next generation of fully autonomous robots that can carry out defence missions in the battlefield of the future.

5. "Bringing The 'Epic' To 'Epic Fail'" A good takedown of the pretentious Conor Friedersdorf.

Representative Sample: If Conor Friedersdorf wants to hector others about their close-mindedness, he will have more impact if he first listens to what they are saying.

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