Wednesday, June 9, 2010

HOT5 Daily 6/9/2010

1. "President Obama: Jimmy Carter Redux?" It's looking that way.

Representative Sample: That’s not my own title — that’s the subject of a Politico forum on whether Obama is another failed president. I think we can all agree that Obama is in bad shape if that’s the conversation.

2. "Stupid Liberals & The Economics They Don’t Get" New study comes up with results that don't surprise many except maybe liberals.

Representative Sample: This is not surprising. Liberals live in a la-la world where consequences are separated from causation. There seems to be a correlation between this behavior and this outcome but let’s not jump to any conclusions. They have trouble with a + b = c linear thinking. They have subjective realities–which is to say they live in their own fantasy world.

3. "Stop or speed through a yellow light? That is the question" Things that make a decision one way or another more likely.

Representative Sample: Here’s what he found when conducting research, in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Transportation, at intersections in Akron, Cleves and Fairfield, Ohio: Certain factors make it more likely that you’ll opt to speed through an intersection rather than stop at the light.

4. "BARACK OBAMA'S NEW LOGO" They'll be rolling this out in the Gulf States first.

Representative Sample: It's a graphic.

5. "Star Wars Corsets" I'll bet these will be popular at Star Wars conventions.

Representative Sample: It's a couple of photos.

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