Sunday, August 1, 2010

Considering Buying a New Weapon

I like and collect weapons, particularly human-powered types (as opposed to firearms) such as swords, knives, axes, clubs, etc. Lately I haven't been able to justify blowing any money, even a small amount. But the urge to buy has taken hold and I'm going to spend a whopping $50. What functional items can I possibly get for so little? Here are the options I'm considering.

1. A kukri from Nepal. I don't have one, and have always wanted one. 

2. An assegai, either the long or short version.  I don't have a spear, and I think I could find a place to throw it at a target. I have some minimal training with a long spear, but the shorter one would be more practical for storage. 

3. A special forces shovel. It's cheap, practical, and I actually need a decent small shovel. 

4. A kukri machete. It's very cheap, would sort of satisfy my desire to own a kukri, and leave some money to buy something else.

5. A blackthorn walking stick. This one is made out of cheap, but tough synthetic instead of wood. I used to practice a method of cane fighting, and have a nice, custom ash cane. But I also like this one.

6. A sjambok, a type of South African whip. It's cheap and interesting, although I'm not sure exactly what I'd do with it.

I've been toying with these ideas tonight. I mentioned them to my wife and got an eye roll, so I figured I would post my thoughts just for the fun of it, in case there are any other weapons fans reading.


I just ordered some stuff. I got the shovel for the practical value, the short assegai for the zombie apocalypse, and a cheap accusharp knife sharpener for when I'm too lazy to use my whetstones. Total price with shipping, just under $65. So I exceeded my $50 limit, but not by that much. Here's an impressive video of the shovel in action, doing things other than shoveling. 


  1. Personally, I'd suggest a parang.

    I used to have an assegai, but it is mainly close-quarters stabbing weapon which would be awkward to use in a confined space. It can be thrown, but is not optimum for that.

    Are sword-sticks legal where you are?

  2. I would go with either the shovel or walking stick. They are both multipurpose. Say no to unitaskers.

  3. Anon,

    My main interests are western weapons over eastern, but I wouldn't mind having a parang. But I want a kukri more.

    Yeah, the assegai is not exactly practical, but then again neither are swords. I'm in NJ, so pretty much nothing is legal here, as far as walking around with :). For some reason I'm not particularly interested in sword canes. I like swords, and I like canes, but don't like them combined.


    I'm probably going to get the shovel, since I actually need one. That way I can get at least one practical item and then get something else just for the hell of it.

  4. I'd suggest the kukri machete, parang, or the special forces shovel for the same reasons as Tim: to spare the cost of getting the equivalent tool.